Wednesday, May 20, 2015

School Governance Meeting Minutes

Norms Reviewed:   Meetings will begin on time
                                Be active participants
                                Questions and answers will be addressed at the appropriate time
                                We will be respectful of each other at all times.
---Mrs. Rumbin   began the meeting, and  norms were read.
---  School Compact update:   The compact is complete, so we will wait, and send it out in Sept. for the new school year.

--- May 12 9:00-10:00 (tentative) Support Services will give a tea, and will give information to parents about support services. Mrs. Grabherr created a flyer and will offer this to the whole school. Get back by RSVP.

--- Career Day meeting was held on Apr. 27, 2015. There will be 2 parts. 1st 5th grade students will have speakers to encourage them to specific careers.
 2nd part will be careers on wheels-like police, firemen, D.O.T truck, state trooper with dog, limo etc. Half hour per grade, and rotate around display of cars, ending with ice cream truck. More info to follow. Next meeting will be Mon. May 4.
--- Discussion, and filling out  Mrs. Marold report for School governance council questionnaire on information about our council. Focus was on school safety, and getting an additional school bus.

--- The Gathering May 16, 2015 This will be our 3rd year in the parade. All cultures in the ity will celebrate their customs/dress/ dances. Meet at Torrington Supply. Parade starts at 11:00. Moira Lee is collecting money for candy.

--- April 30, 2015 (Thurs) Parent Academy at Naugatuck Valley 8:00 – 2:00. Representatives from U.S. Secretary Dept. will talk about education.

--- May 8, 2015 (Friday) is Driggs Clean Up Day 3:00-5:00 We will be working parents, students, and community to clean up area around Driggs School.

--- Next Agenda Look at officers for next year. Address parking lot and play area for students.

      Possibly form a committee.

Next meeting is  Tuesday May 26,