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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Harvest Festival





Monday, November 2, 2015

36 Hours Video From New York Times

The students of Driggs School followed the crew of the popular New York Times video series, 36 Hours, as they traveled around the world. They researched each city visited and created their own kids version of a city guide, and they also produced their own 36 Hours: Driggs School episode.
In June 2015 the 36 Hours video crew went to Driggs School to assist the kids in production of their very own episode. They were able to learn about and use the professional audio and video equipment brought by the 36 Hours Crew, they learned how to be location producers and they learned how to conduct an interview. Here is the video shot and produced by the kids, with the guidance of professional crew. Please enjoy.
Arnulfo Aragonez
Jael Bastellar
Ky'ree Brundidge
Samantha Christensen
Trayvon Echevarria
Raphael Espinal
Lorenzo Ireland
Roberto Ricciardella
Anthony VanderEyk
Mary Jane Vazquez

Advisor: Charlotte Brady, School Media Specialist
36 Hours Crew:
Sarah Voll
Fritzie Andrade
Max Cantor
Chris Carmichael
Wilson Hester

Music by Creative Commons Attribute. 
Adam Selzer, Whistle and Action
Podington Bear, Peas Corps
Akashic Records, Ukelele Happy Whistling

Monday, October 19, 2015

Latin Dance Night

Thank you to all that came to participate in our Latin Dance Night at Driggs School!  A BIG THANK YOU to all of the staff that came out and attended Drigg's Latin Dance Night. Mr. Caldron was a great instructor, kept the night fun and exciting. We had a total of about 60 parents and students show up.

A Special Drigg's shout out to Mrs. Arroyo who went above and beyond on Drigg's Latin Dance Night.  

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hispanic Story Teller

Nada Rodrigues Rosado came to tell a story about a frog to students at Driggs School during Hispanic Heritage month! 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Driggs Speaker

Former Driggs graduate Donald Powell came to school this week to talk to students about his obstacles he has overcome in his lifetime.  He was born a paraplegic and learned how to live his life to the fullest!  He was a great public speaker and the students learned so much about him!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Pink Out Day!

Staff at Driggs School wore pink in honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  Donations from staff are going to the Harold Leever Center in Watebury, CT.
A HUGE thank you to all who participated!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Hispanic Heritage Art Work

Hispanic Heritage Art Projects:
 Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls, Mexican Guitars, Mexican Mirrors, Sombrero Hats, and Zapotec Rugs

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Career Day

Check out our career day pictures!  We learned about being a Police Officer, Fireman, EMT, Recycling, and more!  Thanks Mrs. Rumbin for coordinating such a great learning day!

Driggs Reading Twitter

Driggs Reading Twitter Page


Follow us for reading tips, book lists, events will be posted. Parents, if you have any questions re reading with your child, this is the place to ask.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Summer Activities!

Jump Into A Summer of Reading!
Join us on Tuesday, June 9th
AT 10:00 a.m  in the computer lab
to share information on summer reading!
Coffee and Donuts will be served
Book Raffles for summer reading!
yES, i WILL ATTEND.________                 nO, i WILL nOT ATTEND.________
 sTUDENT nAME:_____________________________ tEACHER:_____________________
pARENT nAME:_____________________________________#ATTENDING:____________

Community Night

Driggs, Duggan, Gilmartin, Hopeville, Rotella, Tinker, West Side  M.S. & Wilson
are coming out of the halls and into the community!

Please join us for an informational evening including:



Date: June 12, 2015

Time: 5:00 p.m.—8:00 p.m.

See Mr. Clay for Form!

In collaboration with 21ST  Century Community Learning Centers after-school programs

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

School Governance Minutes

Norms Reviewed:   Meetings will begin on time
                                Be active participants
                                Questions and answers will be addressed at the appropriate time
                                We will be respectful of each other at all times.

---Mrs.Heather Greene   began the meeting, and  norms were read.

---  Discussion: Parent Leadership conference was held at Naugatuck Valley.  Parents were very engaged .  Mr. Clay, and Jennifer Kee, , Jaden Polluck’s mother,  received  awards. Best practice on The Walking School Bus was given by Mr. Clay.  Heather Greene was on the committee, and participated also.  Mr. Clay said that we need more programs for parents. For example, internet for parents in a school space-called Internet CafĂ© for Parents. Put this on for next year.

--- Mother’s Day Tea – Six parents attended for information on support services. They gave out a lot of pamphlets.

----  The Gathering; Miss Connolly said it was the largest crowd yet. 11:00-8:00 pm A lot of singing, dancing, and food, after the parade. Net year-maybe a float? Candy idea was good-but hand out candy. Thinking of using a mascot eagle for parade next year.

--- Career Day is planned for Friday June 5, 2015. Miguel Reyes is coming. Also Police chief Riddick.
---- Plan calendar for next year, and discuss members. In the Fall, nomination sheets will be given out for new members. Also Mrs. Greene will finish 2 years, and Mrs. Moynihan will finish 4 year
That is, her second 2 year term.

--- Voted on the meetings  as the last Tuesday of the month.
     September 29, 2015                         January 26, 2016
     October 27, 2015                               February 23, 2016
     November 17, 2015                           March 29, 2016
     December 15, 2015                           April 26, 2016

                                                                   May, 31, 2016  (last meeting)

--- Discussion: Successes of the school year:
       Behavior issues decreased
       Safe routes for school-incl. new bus
       Movie night
       Harvest festival
      Earth Day clean up
       Dr. Suess Night
      Career Day –we will anticipate an exciting day
      Hispanic Heritage Festival

GOALs and ideas for next year;   Get letters during the summer for ideas/people we would like to have.  Suggestion was to have Zumba next year for parents by Cherie Lamb.

THANK YOU to everyone for your help this year.
Driggs Championship Basketball Tournament

5th Grade Kuncas vs 5Th Grade Trentacosta

Date: Wednesday, June, 17th
Place: Driggs Gymnasium
Time: 12:30pm
All Parents Are Invited
Driggs 5th Annual Basketball Game

Parents vs Students

Parents and Driggs Alumni Are Invited To Play
  Date: Thursday, June 18th
Place: Driggs Gymnasium
              Time: 12:30pm

Please contact Mr. Mete or Mr. Clay if you are interest in participating 203-574-8160

Also, please check the Driggs BLOG for all events going on at the school.

Kids Marathon TOMMORROW

-Kids Marathon Event Details-

Our kid’s marathon will take place at Library Park on Wednesday June 3rd.  Students must arrive at Driggs School’s parking lot to take the bus at 4:15pm.
Date:  June 3rd, 2015
Depart:  4:15pm at Driggs’s parking lot
Marathon End Time:  Approximately 7:30pm

Transportation:  Two buses will be provided for Driggs’s school students.  Families are encouraged to attend this event. They may ride the bus with their children and run with them. It will be a great honor. Also, plenty of parking at the Train Station, Buckingham Street & Bank Street Parking Garage, there is no fee for parking.
NO PARKING ON GRAND STREET or MEADOW STREET.  Busses will park on Meadow Street along the Library Park side.
Food will be available at the completion of the event

“Finishing is Winning….Winning is Finishing”

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

School Governance

 Just a reminder that Tuesday May 26, 2015 is a Driggs School Governance Council Meeting. This is our last meeting for the school year.  

Waterbury Republican Article

Thursday, May 21, 2015 1:05 AM EDT
Wilby grad puts Driggs on map
From Waterbury to the New York Times and beyond

WATERBURY — Growing up in Waterbury, Sarah Brady Voll always wanted to travel the globe. Her love of video production blossomed at Wilby High School, thanks to teacher Scott Serafine.

In the past seven months, Brady Voll merged these passions as a contracted audio specialist working with the New York Times on a highly stylized video travel feature called "36 Hours." The project uses sharp video production and well-blended audio and music to highlight the culture of destinations around the world.

Brady Voll, 33, of Queens, has visited Strasbourg, Milan, Columbia, Austria, Croatia, Sante Fe and 15 other destinations since October. And, in a way, she's taken students from Driggs Elementary School along for the ride.

Brady Voll's mother, Charlotte Brady, is the library-media specialist at Driggs. She's made a schoolwide project of following her daughter's international exploits. Students have created diamond-shaped pennants featuring the cities visited to hang in the library. Where the New York Times focuses on activities for adults in the visited cities, Driggs students focused on activities for children among the various cultures.

It began with Brady sharing a photo blog of her daughter's destinations. From there, the project "snowballed," she said, and became a favorite of Driggs students. Brady said students constantly ask where her daughter is traveling next.

For Brady, it helped drive home the point that Waterbury students, like her daughter, can accomplish any goal.

On Tuesday, Brady Voll visited Driggs, with a crew of four New York Times contractors and one producer, all of whom volunteered their time to work with students to create a "36 Hours" piece focusing on Driggs and Waterbury.

Ten students wearing red polo shirts were trained as the assistant film crew. Students held the microphone boom, helped manage the camera, and even conducted interviews with the lunch staff, Principal Michael Theriault and others. All of this was done under the careful tutelage of the New York Times crew.

Brady Voll said it felt "really good" to show students a slice of the broader world, and potential career opportunities.

"I was one of them," Brady Voll said. "It's nice for them to know they can do whatever they want."

Friday, May 22, 2015

First Grade Field Trip to Maritime Aquarium

New York Times Comes to Driggs

From Waterbury Republican Newspaper:

WATERBURY — Growing up in Waterbury, Sarah Brady Voll always wanted to travel the globe. Her love of video production blossomed at Wilby High School, thanks to teacher Scott Serafine.

In the past seven months, Brady Voll merged these passions as a contracted audio specialist working with the New York Times on a highly stylized video travel feature called "36 Hours." The project uses sharp video production and well-blended audio and music to highlight the culture of destinations around the world. 

May 21, 2015