Tuesday, June 2, 2015

School Governance Minutes

Norms Reviewed:   Meetings will begin on time
                                Be active participants
                                Questions and answers will be addressed at the appropriate time
                                We will be respectful of each other at all times.

---Mrs.Heather Greene   began the meeting, and  norms were read.

---  Discussion: Parent Leadership conference was held at Naugatuck Valley.  Parents were very engaged .  Mr. Clay, and Jennifer Kee, , Jaden Polluck’s mother,  received  awards. Best practice on The Walking School Bus was given by Mr. Clay.  Heather Greene was on the committee, and participated also.  Mr. Clay said that we need more programs for parents. For example, internet for parents in a school space-called Internet Café for Parents. Put this on for next year.

--- Mother’s Day Tea – Six parents attended for information on support services. They gave out a lot of pamphlets.

----  The Gathering; Miss Connolly said it was the largest crowd yet. 11:00-8:00 pm A lot of singing, dancing, and food, after the parade. Net year-maybe a float? Candy idea was good-but hand out candy. Thinking of using a mascot eagle for parade next year.

--- Career Day is planned for Friday June 5, 2015. Miguel Reyes is coming. Also Police chief Riddick.
---- Plan calendar for next year, and discuss members. In the Fall, nomination sheets will be given out for new members. Also Mrs. Greene will finish 2 years, and Mrs. Moynihan will finish 4 year
That is, her second 2 year term.

--- Voted on the meetings  as the last Tuesday of the month.
     September 29, 2015                         January 26, 2016
     October 27, 2015                               February 23, 2016
     November 17, 2015                           March 29, 2016
     December 15, 2015                           April 26, 2016

                                                                   May, 31, 2016  (last meeting)

--- Discussion: Successes of the school year:
       Behavior issues decreased
       Safe routes for school-incl. new bus
       Movie night
       Harvest festival
      Earth Day clean up
       Dr. Suess Night
      Career Day –we will anticipate an exciting day
      Hispanic Heritage Festival

GOALs and ideas for next year;   Get letters during the summer for ideas/people we would like to have.  Suggestion was to have Zumba next year for parents by Cherie Lamb.

THANK YOU to everyone for your help this year.