Monday, November 2, 2015

36 Hours Video From New York Times

The students of Driggs School followed the crew of the popular New York Times video series, 36 Hours, as they traveled around the world. They researched each city visited and created their own kids version of a city guide, and they also produced their own 36 Hours: Driggs School episode.
In June 2015 the 36 Hours video crew went to Driggs School to assist the kids in production of their very own episode. They were able to learn about and use the professional audio and video equipment brought by the 36 Hours Crew, they learned how to be location producers and they learned how to conduct an interview. Here is the video shot and produced by the kids, with the guidance of professional crew. Please enjoy.
Arnulfo Aragonez
Jael Bastellar
Ky'ree Brundidge
Samantha Christensen
Trayvon Echevarria
Raphael Espinal
Lorenzo Ireland
Roberto Ricciardella
Anthony VanderEyk
Mary Jane Vazquez

Advisor: Charlotte Brady, School Media Specialist
36 Hours Crew:
Sarah Voll
Fritzie Andrade
Max Cantor
Chris Carmichael
Wilson Hester

Music by Creative Commons Attribute. 
Adam Selzer, Whistle and Action
Podington Bear, Peas Corps
Akashic Records, Ukelele Happy Whistling