Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Important Notes from School Governance Council Meeting

--- Mr. Clay started the meeting, and reviewed norms. Then he mentioned “The Gathering Parade”.  On Saturday, May 17, 2014. It was a success. Pictures were posted on the Driggs School Blog, including one with Mayor O’Leary. Students dressed in Cultural attire. Driggs was # 3 in line. We gave out candy and flags. Forty people participated for Driggs School. We would like to do it again for next year. Thank you to all that helped.
---- Fulton Park is the location for the PBIS Picnic on Thursday May 22, 2014 - Ice Cream and  
      Games. Raindate is May 29, 2014.  Any parent can come with their child.
--- June 2 will be the School Picnic on School Grounds. There will be organized stations and games for everyone.
--- School Lunches On the recent field trips, it was a problem to keep thing cool, so Mr. Clay will buy some coolers. Mrs. Thompson said we can easily fix the cool drinks by getting these coolers. She suggested 2-3 weeks before the field trip, teachers touch base with the food director, and go over concerns. Also, discussion followed on concerns about the school lunches and the lunchroom.
 ---- Senator Butler’s visit- Mrs. Quezada reported on State Senator Butler’s visit to Driggs School. He really impressed the children with his talk, and mentioned he was a Driggs student at one time.
---Also, Gail Hardy, who lives in the community, came to visit and give a talk. Students enjoyed her talk. Students wrote letters to Senator Butler, and now will writes ones to Gail Hardy. Lastly, Attorney Mosley spoke here at the beginning of the month. Students were impressed.
--- Parent SGC members for next year- Mrs. Greene mentioned that parents whose children are leaving next year can still be involved, if they wish, to the end of their term.
--- Cookie Dough Fundraiser – Mrs. Greene mentioned that if you sign up for another Cookie Dough fundraiser early, you will get an extra 2%. Fundraiser for Thanksgiving pies was voted on, and it was decided to do this for next school year.
----Driggs School Blog- Mr. Clay mentioned that we have 1,000 hits on our school blog already. Mrs. Ciarleglio would like to give information about the clinic on the Driggs School blog.
---- Student Recognition Award- Tonight in a ceremony Dr. Oulette is giving Esther Rojas the Superintendent’s Student Recognition Award for her excellence. Esther is in Gr. 5 in Mrs. Murray’s class.
----- Teacher of the Year Award- Mrs. Sconziano is the Driggs School Teacher of the Year.  Congratulations to Mrs. Sconziano for all her hard work.  There will be a ceremony for this at Crosby in June.
----- There is a Special Day of events for Grade 5 students in June planned.
----- Discussion to Plan a “Career Day”.  Suggestions were “Careers on Wheels”, “College Day” with college banners, and careers in trades.
----- It was mentioned to continue with the American Citizenship Award for next year.
----- Calender 2014-2015 for Driggs School Governance Council meetings (usually the last Tuesday in the month). Voted on calendar, and accepted.
       Sept. 30, 2014                       January 27, 2015
       October 28, 2014                   February 24, 2015
       November 25, 2014               March 31, 2015
       December 16, 2014               April 28, 2015
                                                     May 26, 2015

Questions, comments, or concerns - see Dave Clay.