Friday, May 30, 2014

Kid's Marathon

2014 Kids Marathon
Waterbury School District

-Kids Marathon Event Details-
Our kid’s marathon will take place at Library Park on Wednesday June 4th.  Students must arrive at 4:00pm to register.  The marathon will begin at approximately 6:00pm.  Students will compete in a mini-marathon and will earn a medal plus receive a certificate at the completion of the course.  Rod Dixon (A Former Olympian and NYC Marathon Winner) and Mayor O’Leary will be distributing the medals.  Many important people will be on hand for this event.  News stations and newspaper reporters from all over Connecticut will be on hand for this occasion.  The students in the Waterbury School District have been working very hard and its time we reward them for their hard work and dedication.  Families are encouraged to attend this event for it will be a great honor.         
Date:  June 4th, 2013
Marathon Registration Time and Location:  4:00-5:00pm at Library Park
Marathon Start Time:  6:00pm
Marathon End Time:  Approximately 7:30pm

Transportation:  Buses will be provided for schools that need them.  We are encouraging students to find their own transportation to the event.  Car pooling with other students may be an option as well.  Please collaborate with your run club mentor if transportation is a problem.       

“Finishing is Winning….Winning is Finishing”