Friday, May 23, 2014

Superintendent's Award!

Esther Rojas is a truly excellent student.   Education is the highest priority for Esther and everything she does reflects her desire to succeed.  Esther sets an excellent example for other students with her approach to academics and how she presents herself.
Not only does Esther complete all work in class and at home, but she always takes time to hand in meaningful work.  Esther asks questions, stretches her mind and always demonstrates higher level thinking in all that she does.
Esther is a kind, respectful and helpful student.   She is committed to being the best person she can be and is a role model in all that she does.  Esther is part of the Focus Program at Driggs.  Outside of school, Esther plays basketball and reads!  Esther plans on continuing her academic pursuits and becoming a lawyer.  Her intelligence, motivation and delightful personality will lead Esther to many successes in the future!  

Click below to watch Esther accept her award!